The Most Meaningful Superman Comic

Superman has been around for a long time. He’s been here through a world war. He lasted seven decades and counting. So it’s safe to say he has been through his share of monumental stories. But the most decisive and middle of the Superman comics have to be the death of Superman in Superman #75 in 1992.

The Most Meaningful Superman Comic

What is The Most Meaningful Superman Comic?

Never had a comic book captured the media as they did sixty years ago in 1992. One of the greatest fictional icons in modern American died, and the nation took notice. It became a media circus and QVC doing specials hosted by Jurgens and sell copies of left and right. This was at the height of the market speculators, and very probably the final nail in the coffin that will see the comic industry’s downward spiral for several years afterward.

But all things aside, The Death of Superman was something to behold. In the story, the villain Doomsday and Superman fight to the bitter end. None of them will give you an inch, and the Apocalypse doesn’t seem like he can be defeated. At the close of their battle, both were left dead and placed in the middle of the street in downtown Metropolis.

A picture of Superman lying bloody battered and defeated in the arms of Lois Lane, who holds his head, is phenomenal. Then, as the page is folded, head of Superman drops and tears started flowing. It has a very spiritual connotations relating somewhat to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross with the way the deaths were described.

Many praised the story, while many see it as a cheap promotional tactics. It was really good, and for a while it worked because both. And, as everyone knows, the sale has not been great Superman and those bored with the character. So mixing it up like it’s doing something special for the Man of Steel-it got people interested.

After the death of Superman comic storyline called the Reign of Supermen in the where four new Supermen came on the scene, each claiming to be the real Superman. One of them is Superboy, which we will then find is a clone of both Superman and Lex Luthor. Another is John Henry Irons, which became known as steel. One is considered the true Superman, but turned out to be a Cyborg. And the last is the exterminator, which eventually became part of the soul of the original Superman, but without the balance of humanity had given him.

Then, as planned and expected, Superman actually rise from the grave new hair and sports models wearing the new black costume for a while. Whether the story is seen as a cheap ploy or a history of the changing story of mega, the fact is that The Death of Superman comics was one of the hot comic.

The Most Meaningful Superman Comic


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