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There’s a new man in the city. Dos Equis beer brands Mexico has replaced the original “The most interesting Man in the world” which long portrayed by actor Jonathan Goldsmith, with fresh-faced France, Augustin Legrand (introduced in this teaser). After his last appearance in the Goldsmith make an advertisement sent his character in a one-way mission to Mars, Legrand took a banner campaign, with new ads centered on “the most interesting Man” figure of speech, but with a modern twist.

The Most interesting Man In The World

It’s almost a given that someone will eventually replace Goldsmith, but these steps are presented Dos Equis with another challenge altogether. With Goldsmith, 77, who swapped out for Legrand, 41, beer brands are in the uncomfortable position of explaining about the claims of ageism. The VP of marketing for Dos Equis, Andrew Katz, put this way: “the interesting meaning” has evolved over the last decade, and this campaign has a new character and a look and feel that opens the door to an exciting world of possibilities for Dos Equis drinkers today.”

Brand new phase of hope campaign, launched this month, will be more attractive, with interactive aspects involving social media. Rolling in line with brand sponsors the College Football Playoffs, Dos Equis beer branded debut coincided with the filter Snapchat ads on the media platform.

Not surprisingly, the Dos Equis is seeking to engage the millennial market profitable. The company wrote in a press release, that “reviving and modernizing ‘ the most interesting Man in the world ‘ with a fresh face to display the character that reflects what’s interesting for Dos Equis drinkers today and millennial beer drinkers to 21 years of age and older.”

If you’re a fan of Goldsmith for change or long days, RealClearLife rendition has rounded up some of our favorite claim to fame of “the most interesting Man in the world.” At the bottom, enjoy ads compilation Goldsmith that almost reaches a decade.

The Most Interesting Man In The World Video

The Most Interesting Man In The World - Dos Equis


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