The Most Important Marketing Tools for Artists

Write about your work, whether it is art, photography or craft, is the most important element in your marketing. For years I resisted writing a narrative about my art and I feel that creating art enough. Viewers should be able to see my painting and understand my intention; if I am a visual artist so I only have to communicate visually. No matter how clear or vague images, I feel it is the responsibility of the Viewer to take what it means for them. If they don’t get it so be it.

The Most Important Marketing Tools for Artists

What The Most Important Marketing Tools for Artists?

I have ignored the suggestion, from time to time, of people telling me to write about what I create and why; I finally gave up. I came to the job of writing about my art kicking and screaming and finally I exert effort and effort is required. I don’t know where to start or what to say. My first attempt to write is about my work a very sophomoric and not very informative.

Artist and writer friends are Reviews of my first attempts at writing about my job. Reviews are honest and understated; because they range from poor to “are you kidding”. Their advice to write clearly and honestly about the job and what motivated me to create it.

After years of creating art and exploring the trails and different ideas for my art, I have seen the power of communicating orally and in writing about what I create and the process of creating it. It goes without saying that art should stand on its own, but sometimes we need to expand the knowledge of other artists and their art in the process. I needed to understand a simple honest truth about my work, what his intentions were and how I go about creating it and why.

Finally when I find the right words to describe my art and allow people to read what I wrote, I see how to write strongly about my art. This is becoming the most effective way to achieve and maintain people connected to my art. It also allows me to think about my art, the genesis and processes. It has a wonderful marketing effect because it allows viewers to engage the work with an understanding of my life as an artist and why I make what I make. The magic of marketing is a real art to me is that it allows the viewers to become very knowledgeable about my work and that help them communicate about the job to others.

At the opening of the Gallery of paintings, I have observed others explain very effectively and authoritatively what my art is about. For me this is a beautiful and comes from a clear, well-written narrative about my art. This is a powerful thing when people you don’t know will take time and energy to be a spokesperson for your work.

What has become clear to me is that it provides the audience with a written document help them formulate their thoughts about your art. In many cases they become advocates for the arts and help in your marketing and your art to others.

I think the most important part of writing something about your art, whether it is your statement about a body of work, is to be honest with yourself and your readers. It is also important to make it easy to understand and not try to build value with esoteric term, magnificent art, left for reviewers and critics.

Organizing and verbalize from the elements underlying the creation of art is no easy task. At least for me, the creative process that’s both internal and largely unconscious and didn’t come up with a top of mind set of concepts that could easily write. To arrive at these concepts are very personal and there are no how-to guide that will serve everyone.

The Most Important Marketing Tools for Artists


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